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Liberal activists decry red state border security efforts as 'invasion,' 'insurrection' in letter to Biden

 A major immigrant activist group is calling on President Joe Biden to put down growing efforts by Republican governors to send law enforcement personnel from their own states to fight illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border, calling the endeavor an "invasion" and "insurrection."

What are the details?

Over the last several weeks, governors in Arizona, Arkansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Idaho, Florida, and South Dakota have sent law enforcement personnel down to the country's southern border in response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's request.

Abbot, in a letter sent to all 50 governors last month, asked states to send "all available law enforcement resources" to the border "in defense of our sovereignty and territorial integrity."

But on Sunday, Independence Day, the League of United Latin American Citizens sent a letter to the White House urging the president to use executive authority to order an immediate stop to the efforts, calling it an illegal "pay for hire" scheme.

"We told the President in no uncertain terms, this is an insurrection by recalcitrant and rebellious states that must be stopped," LULAC National President Domingo Garcia said in a news release. "This unilateral action by governors hijacks the Emergency Assistance Management Compact (EMAC) and involves our armed forces in a 'pay for hire' scheme, funded in part by private donations."

Garcia went on to accuse Abbott and former President Donald Trump of "fomenting dangerous racial hatred targeting Latinos" in their recent visit to the border.

"LULAC cannot say strongly enough that this militia action must be dealt with before it spreads," he added.

What else?

Rodolfo Rosales, Jr., the group's state director for Texas, ironically decried the border security efforts as an invasion. That term, however, was not employed to describe the situation taking place at the border as unprecedented numbers of migrants continue to rush into the country in hopes of lenient treatment from the Biden administration.

"This is insane!" Rosales Jr. said. "We are being invaded by governors of the defeated confederacy to arm the border against brown women and children escaping political persecution, hunger, and death.

"These governors are using the sacred chain of command to mobilize forces meant to defend us from military invasion by a foreign nation, as mercenaries to save white people from the brown threat," he exclaimed.

In the letter, LULAC argued that the deployment of National Guard troops and other law enforcement is a breach of the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, an agreement that allows one jurisdiction to send assistance to another.

Republican governors, on the other hand, have maintained that their assistance is needed due to the federal government's failure to secure the border.

Just last week, Democrats unveiled plans to bring border wall funding to zero even while spending $870 billion on border security measures in the Middle East.

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