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6 City Council Members Served With Recall Notices In ‘Surf City USA’

6 City Council Members Served With Recall Notices In ‘Surf City USA’


Recall efforts have been launched against several Democrats in California, including the governor, the district attorneys in Los Angeles County and San Francisco, and at least three elected officials in the City of L.A.

But according to The Daily Pilot, “a vocal group of conservative Huntington Beach residents have decided to take further steps to try to shift the balance of power on the City Council” there. The outlet reported, “The residents have formed a group called ‘Save Surf City,’ with the intention of getting every council member but one off the dais.”As the epicenter of Southern California surf culture, Huntington Beach officially adopted the Surf City USA nickname in 2008. It is located in Orange County, about a 36-mile drive from L.A.

More details from The Daily Pilot:

Six Huntington Beach City Council members were served with notices of intention to circulate recall petitions during Tuesday night’s meeting, City Clerk Robin Estanislau confirmed afterward. However, Estanislau said Wednesday that she would be informing the group that new member Rhonda Bolton is not eligible to be recalled, as she has yet to serve 90 days in office.

Bolton, Mayor Kim Carr, Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Delgleize, Mike Posey, Dan Kalmick and Natalie Moser are those targeted by a group of about 40 Surf City residents. That represents every City Council member except for Erik Peterson, a conservative who was absent from Tuesday’s meeting for personal reasons.On Friday, Save Surf City’s Twitter account said its recall effort “is already being attacked by the Deep State in town.”

The group claims to be “a grassroots effort, with major funding from no one, united to restore political and fiscal sanity to Huntington Beach.” However, its website does not disclose who is leading the campaign, and it did not immediately respond to an email from The Daily Wire seeking that information.

“We acknowledge that the option of Recall is a ‘last resort’ effort in our democratic Republic,” the group said in a statement posted on its website. “After many weeks of intense deliberation, those of us who are working to organize this effort believe that immediate removal and replacement of these six council members is urgent and necessary to stop further damage and SAVE SURF CITY.”

The group went on to accuse their targets of making “policies and decisions that will completely decimate our suburban beach community.” They said Carr, Delgleize, Kalmick, Moser, and Posey were targeted, in part, for “surrendering local zoning control to the state.”

Recall proponents said Bolton was served with a notice because she was appointed to city council last month despite never running for office or receiving a vote, “thus disenfranchising the voters of Huntington Beach.” She fills a seat vacated by Tito Ortiz, a former professional mixed martial arts fighter who resigned on June 1, citing “character assassination” by the media, among other reasons. According to the Orange County Register, Ortiz “repeatedly criticized masks as ineffective and

dangerous, while referring to coronavirus safety measures as a conspiracy.”

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