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Armed would-be burglar gets through front door of home occupied by children. But woman inside has a gun — and she fires it, hitting crook multiple times.

 A would-be burglar got through the front door of a home in south Toledo, Ohio, around 1 a.m. Friday, WTOL-TV reported.

But through the front door was as far as he got.

You see, he joined the rapidly growing number of folks finding the hard way that those forced to endure their unsavory behavior just aren't taking it anymore.

What went down?

Adding to the danger in this incident was a report from WTVG-TV that the intruder was armed with a gun. In addition, WTOL's report noted that the home in the 200 block of Knower Street was occupied by several children when the intruder got inside.

But also inside was a woman who wasn't about to let the would-be burglar advance further — and she ensured that by exercising her Second Amendment rights and arming herself with a gun.

Sure enough, the woman resident fired and hit the would-be burglar multiple times, WTOL reported.

What happened to the would-be burglar?

With that, the man stumbled away and fell on the front lawn where medics found him, the station said, adding that he was the only person injured in the incident.

Life-saving procedures were conducted on the intruder as he was placed into an ambulance, WTOL reported, adding that he was rushed to a hospital with injuries that were described as critical and life-threatening.

The man had a pulse at the time medics performed life-saving procedures on him, the station noted.

Toledo police identified the robbery suspect as Devin Brackett, WTVG reported.

What happened to the woman who fired the gun?

WTOL reported that the woman who fired the gun was taken in for questioning as per standard protocol.

The station also said, citing the incident report, that more than one occupant of the house fired at the intruder, and that a male and female were listed as occupants of the house.

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