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New poll finds a majority of Americans say Kamala Harris is unfit to become president

 Vice President Kamala Harris (D) saw even worsening favorability in a new poll as the Biden administration continued to get battered over the debacle in Afghanistan.Alternately, only 43% of those polled said that Harris was either "qualified" or "very qualified" to be president.

This is a 6 percentage point drop from the same poll conducted in April, where 49% of respondents said she was qualified.

The precipitous fall of support for Harris likely resulted from the humiliating collapse of Afghanistan as the Taliban took over the country from which the U.S. had once driven them.

Prior to the Afghanistan disaster, Harris saw her net favorability turn negative in July when more Americans said they saw her in an unfavorable light than those that said they saw her favorably. Only 45% approved while 47% disapproved for a rating of negative 2 points. Prior to that poll she had a net equal rating, with 46% approving and 46% disapproving.

A separate poll from July found that a majority of Americans, 55%, were pessimistic about the future of the country for the following 12 months. The same poll found that only 35% of Americans were similarly pessimistic in May.

The vice president has been criticized by some for being quiet during the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan after she was previously very vocal about her role in making the decisions that led to the debacle.

A scathing assessment in the Los Angeles Times argued that Harris had to "own" the embarrassing withdrawal in Afghanistan after trying to take credit for the decision to leave the country.

Harris had also been faulted for the massive failure of the Biden administration to curb the growing migrant population at the southern border after President Joe Biden appointed her to tackle the issue.

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