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Private sector team organizing flights out of Afghanistan blasts Biden admin for standing in the way: 'This is a massive f*** up,' 'morally reprehensible'

A team assisting the Afghanistan evacuation effort by coordinating privately chartered flights out of the country for American citizens and foreign nationals is excoriating the Biden administration for "impeding" its efforts.

What are the details?

The operation, jumpstarted by Washington-based lobbyist Robert Stryk and former Republican congressman and Navy SEAL Scott Taylor, uses donor funds to arrange flights from Kabul to nearby countries for roughly the cost that commercial airlines were charging before the U.S. military withdrawal.

It aims to help vulnerable Americans and Afghanis who worked with the U.S. trapped inside the country amid the Taliban's takeover and the ensuing evacuation fiasco.

One would think that in the face of mounting criticism over its botched withdrawal, the Biden administration would take any help it could get, but amazingly that has not been the case, according to Stryk and Taylor.

Stryk — whose lobbying firm was paid by the Afghan government in 2017 for U.S. government affairs advice and defense consultation, among other things — told the Daily Caller this week that they have reached out to the administration "dozens and dozens" of times since Aug. 14 but have yet received a response.

Stryk said that White House staff confirmed they had received his communication, but never sent a follow-up message.

What are they saying?

"The Brits and South Africans have been f***ing awesome and heroic in getting people through the Mil Gate," Stryk told the Daily Caller, noting that the Biden administration, on the other hand, has been anything but heroic.

"What I am witnessing every day is the very best and the very worst of America," Stryk explained. "I have seen the humanity of private citizens who are contacting me and pledging their time, monies, and in some cases their lives to bring our citizens and these Afghan patriots out of harm's way, while at the time personally experiencing the Biden administration's abject failure to protect its citizens and those Afghans that fought and worked alongside of us.

"It's morally reprehensible," he added. "It's been the U.S. private sector who has stepped in to save the blood and treasure the Biden administration is leaving behind."

Taylor told the outlet that he has received thousands of requests from people hoping to flee Afghanistan and many requests from private donors trying to help the effort. But the process has been made difficult due to a lack of coordination from the U.S. government.

He called the lack of support from the Biden administration "frustrating" and "a massive f*** up."

"I can't get ahold of anybody," he said. "I understand that our country may be trying to control everything or maintain it, but in doing so, they're impeding things.

"And people are desperate and people are gonna die. People will die the longer this goes out, it's just gonna happen," he added.

What else?

The team has now reportedly partnered with Regulus Global, an organization that specializes in "medical, humanitarian, and national security missions."

Stryk made clear, "We're not waiting for the Biden administration to do that, we're doing it ourselves."

Taylor noted that "there are so many people that want to help and honestly, I'm very proud of the response of people who want to do anything."

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