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Sen. Marsha Blackburn says the president 'needs to fire his national security team'

 Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) says that President Joe Biden needs to terminate his national security team, beginning with national security adviser Jake Sullivan."Joe Biden needs to fire his national security team, starting with Jake Sullivan," Blackburn declared in a Thursday tweet.

Blackburn's call for a mass firing comes as the Biden administration faces heavy criticism over issues related to efforts to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban has swiftly taken over the country, seizing the capital city of Kabul on Sunday, but the U.S. is currently scrambling to evacuate its citizens and others from Afghanistan.

"Maybe Joe should lead by example and start with himself first," a tweet declared in response to Blackburn's comment.

"He should fire his entire administration including himself. He is a disaster!" another tweet said in response to Blackburn's post.

"Biden needs to step down as president," another tweet said.

But while some targeted Biden, other Twitter users targeted Blackburn.

"Tennessee needs to fire you," one tweet declared.

"You need to be voted out of office," another tweet proclaimed.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) said in a tweet Wednesday that President Biden's defense and foreign policy team needs to resign.

"This is the worst foreign policy debacle since Vietnam, due to Joe Biden. He has lost the confidence of the American people and the ability to lead. Biden's entire defense and foreign policy team must resign, and there must be a full congressional inquiry," Hawley tweeted.

"In the immediate term, we must focus on getting Americans trapped in Afghanistan out safely. That should be our top priority," another tweet declared.

Brett Bruen, who previously served as director of global engagement at the Obama White House, recently contended in an opinion piece that the president needs to fire Sullivan and others.

"President Biden needs to fire his national security adviser and several other senior leaders who oversaw the botched execution of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has to restructure how and with whom he is making major foreign policy decisions, allowing for more input from career experts," Bruen wrote.

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