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Shocking video shows man hanging from US Black Hawk as Taliban parades the skies over Afghanistan

 Shocking new videos have emerged on social media showing Taliban fighters parading the skies over Afghanistan in seized U.S. Black Hawk helicopters — one appearing to display a man hanging from one of the aircraft.

The video was reportedly taken over the weekend during a Taliban "patrol" of Kandahar, Afghanistan, following the U.S. military's withdrawal, the Independent reported.

The last U.S. plane departed Kabul airport on Monday leaving behind hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afghan nationals who worked with the U.S. government during its 20-year military mission. Billions of dollars worth of military equipment were also left behind during the bungled evacuation.

In a tweet posted Sunday, the Talib Times — which claims to be the English language official account of Islamic Emirate Afghanistan — celebrated the maneuver.

"Our Air Force! At this time, the Islamic Emirate's air force helicopters are flying over Kandahar city and patrolling the city," the tweet read.

Another share of the video has been viewed on Twitter more than 2 million times since Sunday.

It remains unclear whether the hanging man is dead or alive or whether he is friendly to the Taliban or a victim of the militant group. Though many have speculated that the man was hung from the aircraft as punishment and then paraded around the skies.

"According to reports, the man who was seen hanging by the Balck [sic] Hawk helicopter is believed to have worked for the Americans as an interpreter," Republic World determined.

Sudhir Chaudhary, the editor-in-chief of Zee News and WION, came to a similar conclusion.

"Another landmark picture taking the world in a new era of terror," he said in a tweet. "Taliban hang a person, presumed to be an American interpreter, from a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter. The leftover US helicopters will now be used in #Afganistan like this."

"If this is what it looks like ... the Taliban hanging somebody from an American Blackhawk ... I could vomit. Joe Biden is responsible," conservative commentator Liz Wheeler added.

While those reports have yet to be confirmed, it is not hard to imagine the Taliban carrying out such brutality. In the weeks since wresting control of the country, several reports have surfaced indicating that the militants have been violently persecuting women, children, the elderlyChristians, and anyone who worked with the West.

As new information comes out, TheBlaze will update its reporting.

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