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Chris Cuomo Suggests Babies Don’t Have A ‘Heartbeat’ At 6 Weeks. Here’s What Science Says

Chris Cuomo Suggests Babies Don’t Have A ‘Heartbeat’ At 6 Weeks. Here’s What Science Says

 Chris Cuomo visits SiriusXM Studios on September 26, 2018 in New York City.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and an abortionist denied that a six-week-old baby has a fetal heartbeat — or a heart — during a special, two-hour-long episode of “Cuomo Prime Time” on Thursday night. But numerous college-level textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and authoritative sources affirm that an unborn child’s heart begins to beat at approximately the sixth week of pregnancy.

The Allegation:Chris Cuomo asked an abortionist to check the language used by the pro-life movement during the first hour of his September 2 show on CNN. “The idea of six weeks, heartbeat at six weeks, does that even exist in science? Is there a heart at six weeks?” he asked Texas abortionist Allison Gilbert of the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center in Dallas.

Gilbert said, “There is most certainly not a fully-formed heart, at that gestational age; it’s more of an electric clicker that you can see on the screen, which we refer to [as] cardiac activity, rather than a heartbeat.”

Cuomo continued, “They call it the heartbeat bill, because the heartbeat pulls on your heartstrings, makes you think ‘Person — that’s what has a heartbeat.’”In the second hour of his show — which substituted for the first hour of “Don Lemon Tonight” — Cuomo asked abortion activist Anna Rupani to characterize the reason Texas lawmakers use the term heartbeat. “Heartbeat is a play, right?” Cuomo asked. “They want to say heartbeat, because it makes it sound like it’s a person at six weeks, right? That’s why it has a heartbeat, as opposed to cardiac activity, which is a big difference, because there is no fully-formed organ there, because the thing is the size of a kidney bean!”

Chris Cuomo accused Texas lawmakers of doctoring language to further their political agenda. He previously asserted that bills that protect unborn children from abortion are about “legislating to the far-Right, white-fright vote.” But Cuomo seemingly admitted political motivations drove his own word choice. “I got to be honest, I don’t like describing you as ‘a doctor who does abortions,’” he said. Abortion is “supposed to be just another procedure.” He later added, “You do a lot of things. That is one thing that you do. … I just didn’t want to limit you, and try to play to some faux controversy.”

The Facts:

Cuomo and his guest claimed that the human heart is not fully formed at six weeks’ development, and only electronic pulses known as “cardiac activity” are present. While the leading authorities agree that the embryonic heart begins as a tube and eventually develops the four-chambered heart during gestational week seven, scientific authorities refer to the developing organ as a heart and the pulses as a “heartbeat.”

The Mayo Clinic notes that fetal “[g]rowth is rapid” in the sixth week of pregnancy, “[j]ust four weeks after conception.”

“The heart and other organs also are starting to form and the heart begins to beat,” the Mayo Clinic states.

During week five, “Your baby’s heart and a primitive circulatory system will form in the middle layer of cells — the mesoderm. This layer of cells will also serve as the foundation for your baby’s bones, ligaments, kidneys and much of the reproductive system.”

Although the Mayo Clinic is an exceptional clinic, it is no exception when it comes to affirming the reality of a fetal heartbeat at six weeks’ gestation.

“At about 6 weeks, your baby’s heart beat [sic] can usually be detected,” according to The Cleveland Clinic. While the groundbreaking medical facility put “heart” inside quotation marks when discussing the organ’s development at four weeks’ gestation — noting, “The tiny ‘heart’ tube will beat 65 times a minute by the end of the fourth week” — it did no such thing when writing of fetal heart development at six weeks, nor again at the beginning of month four, when it notes, “Your baby’s heartbeat may now be audible through an instrument called a doppler.”

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