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Former Head Of Homeland Security: Biden Policies A ‘National Embarrassment,’ Need To Be Investigated

Former Head Of Homeland Security: Biden Policies A ‘National Embarrassment,’ Need To Be Investigated

US President Joe Biden steps off Air Force One upon arrival at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 3, 2021. - Biden is heading to Wilmington, Delaware to spend the weekend at his residence.

Chad Wolf, the former acting Director of the Department of Homeland Security, slammed the Biden administration in multiple interviews last week over the problems that have erupted under President Joe Biden’s leadership, saying that it was a “national embarrassment.”

“I’d say that the withdrawal that we’ve seen is absolutely disastrous for Americans there in Kabul, as well as others that need to get out,” Wolf told Fox Business. “What we know today is that the Taliban will control more territory, more money, and more weaponry than they did on 9/11. And that’s a concern for the homeland, as we look at terrorist threats to the homeland, how they can strike here, and their ability to reach Americans here in the U.S., and so very, very concerning about what’s going on over there today.”Wolf said that there was a serious risk of Afghanistan once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists, and that attacks could once again emanate from the nation against the U.S.

“And it’s [unfortunate] that we go from one national embarrassment in Afghanistan to another national embarrassment on the southwest border that was again created in large part by the policies of this administration,” Wolf said. “And so, you see states like Texas trying to do all that they can to secure their border and protect Texans, protect their constituents there in the state of Texas. And Arizona and others are going to have to follow suit because what we see is that the Biden administration is not implementing immigration and border security law. Instead, they’re advertising that it’s okay to come to the border. They continue to let hundreds of thousands of folks across that border illegally, stay in the U.S. month after month after month. And I’ve said it, I said it a month ago, that this has become, from a national security crisis, it continues to be, to a national embarrassment.”

In a separate interview with Fox News, Wolf, who is currently a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said that it was not reassuring that the Biden administration appears to be relying on the Taliban to help get stranded Americans out of Afghanistan.

“Obviously, the Taliban is a terrorist organization,” Wolf said. “And so, relying on the Taliban for any type of security, whether it was for the airport, or whether now it’s to get Americans that are trapped in Afghanistan out after the U.S. has pulled out and withdrawn is not comforting. It wouldn’t be comforting to me, if I was in Afghanistan, and it shouldn’t be the policy of the United States government. We should do all that we can. It’s unconscionable, first of all, that we left Americans in Afghanistan as we pulled out. Our first priority should be the safety and security of every American. And so, the administration really needs to do more, making sure that we get all Americans out of Afghanistan that want to go.”

Wolf later stated that he believes that the way the Biden administration pulled out of Afghanistan “has hurt our credibility internationally and with our allies, but we can recover.”

“The U.S. can recover. We’re stronger than this,” he added. “But there needs to be accountability at the end of the day. So I hope that there’s an investigation into how this was mismanaged to the extent that it was, and I hope individuals are held accountable.”


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