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Joe Rogan believes Trump will run in 2024 and probably win: 'How is Joe Biden gonna win?'

 Joe Rogan delivered a dire prediction for President Joe Biden and the Democrats for the 2024 election. The hugely successful podcast host doesn't believe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris have what it takes to win the 2024 presidential election.

Amanda Knox, the American woman who was wrongfully convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy, appeared on a recent episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience." Knox mentioned Silvio Berlusconi, who was a real estate developer, media tycoon, and three-time prime minister of Italy. Knox compared Berlusconi to Donald Trump, and then asked if the former American president was going to run again in 2024."Oh yeah," Rogan replied. "He's gonna 100% try. He's probably gonna win."

Rogan asked a series of questions, which doubted Biden's cognitive abilities, "How is Joe Biden gonna win? How is it possible he's gonna beat anybody? After you've seen him speak? After you've seen the decay and the decline? How is it possible?"

In June, Rogan questioned why the media ignores Biden's cognitive decline.

Knox agreed that Biden was "not very inspiring."

Rogan then bashed the Democratic Party for selecting the 78-year-old gaffe-prone president.

"They've done a terrible job," Rogan proclaimed. "The Democrats f***ed up royally by making that guy the president."

Knox wondered if the Democrats would select Harris instead of Biden to run in 2024; however, Rogan shot down that proposal.

"She would lose just as badly," the UFC analyst retorted. "She's the most hated Vice President according to polls. The least liked, I should say, Vice President in 50 years."

Rogan was citing an Economist/YouGov poll released in the summer that found 48% viewed Harris "unfavorably," and 40% described the vice president's job performance as "very unfavorably."

"Kamala Harris has become the most unpopular US vice president six months into an administration since at least the 1970s," the Telegraph said on Aug. 1.

The stand-up comedian also brought up how former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard "exposed" Harris during the Democratic primary debates in 2019, specifically her record as California's top prosecutor.

"She was one of the favorites, initially," Rogan said of Harris. "And then when Tulsi Gabbard exposed her, everybody was like 'What the f***! Is that real?' And they started looking it up and they're like 'Holy s***!'"

"It's crazy. It's crazy that that's the choice," Rogan continued. "Like you have Donald Trump or a man who's got something seriously wrong, right? He's a guy who's had multiple aneurysms, had actual brain surgery and is 78 years old and is experiencing some sort of pretty radical cognitive decline and is in some way controlled by the other people in the party whether it is Nancy Pelosi or whoever else."

Rogan added, "He keeps saying things like 'They tell me not to answer questions' or 'They tell me not to' … hey motherf***er, you're the president!"

Rogan was referring to the times that Biden has told reporters that he is not supposed to take questions from the press.

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