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Mike Rowe hammers Biden for mixed messaging on COVID vaccine: 'The evidence is real, and it demands a verdict'

 Mike Rowe on Thursday sharply criticized President Joe Biden and other public leaders who are voicing contradicting messages about the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rowe made headlines last month after he admitted he regrets supporting lockdowns when the COVID-19 pandemic began last spring.

What did Rowe say now?

Responding to a supporter who praised him for his perspective about a lack of trust in public leaders being a fundamental problem during the pandemic, Rowe tore into Biden for continuing to sow trust issues with his recent comments about the vaccine.

After noting the extremely low odds of a vaccinated person being hospitalized with a severe COVID-19 infection, Rowe said, "For me, these odds are more than sufficient to allow me to live without fear. And so, I do. The question is, why doesn't our President?"Rowe added in a Facebook post:

Last week, as I'm sure you're aware, moments after assuring the country that the vaccines he and millions of others have taken are "incredibly effective," President Biden said, "We must now protect the vaccinated workers from the unvaccinated workers."


You don't have to be a scientist to hear a message like that and pose a couple of very reasonable queries. 1) If the vaccines are effective, why do the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated? And 2) If the vaccines are not effective, then why should the unvaccinated get one?

According to Rowe, the way that Biden is living and talking is sowing skepticism in the vaccine.

"[T]he issue you have raised is one of trust, and if President Biden wants to be trusted, it seems to me that he should first trust the vaccines he's demanding we all take. Alas, he doesn't," Rowe said.

"Instead, our fully vaccinated President still supports a travel ban that keeps my vaccinated friends overseas from reentering the country. Why? He still wears a mask in public – even when he's outdoors. Why?" Rowe continued. "Last week, President Biden could have congratulated all vaccinated Americans for getting back to living their lives without fear. Instead, he got angry. He literally accused the unvaccinated of 'standing in the way of protecting the large majority of Americans who have done their part and want to get back to life as normal.'"

"In short, Joe Biden doesn't appear to be living his life any differently than he did before getting vaccinated," Rowe added. "Again, you don't need to be a scientist see how fundamentally unpersuasive this is to 80 million people who are already skeptical."

To help increase vaccination rates, Rowe explained that he would be "acting like I trusted the vaccines" and "would let the numbers of hospitalization speak for themselves."

"That's it. No more scolding, no more lecturing, no more blaming my predecessor, no more blaming the unvaccinated, no more blaming anyone for making choices that I don't like," Rowe said. "The evidence is real, and it demands a verdict."

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