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Rep. Mullin accuses Biden of thwarting his mission to help American citizens get out of Afghanistan

 Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma defended his "rogue" mission to try to help American citizens leave Afghanistan and accused the Biden administration of standing in the way.

"When I say that blood is on his hands, that means the President Biden's hands, I mean that with everything in my heart," said Mullin in an interview Friday with Bret Baier of Fox News.

"It's his fault. I wouldn't have been over there, I wouldn't have even thought about going, if it wasn't for his failure," he added. "I wouldn't have put my life in danger. I wouldn't have put my kids and my wife through that. I wouldn't have put anybody through it."Mullin described how difficult it was to try to help American citizens and Afghan allies to get out of Afghanistan.

"It came out that they needed a State Department, or a government entity to sponsor their flight going in, that's the only way they could get in, and no one would sponsor their flight, even though it was designated to get these twenty Americans out," said Mullin.

He went on to say that he as a member of Congress could sponsor a flight to give other departments cover.

"When you see a problem, how do you say no if you can be an asset? And they believed I could be an asset," he explained.

Mullin said that his plane circled the Kabul airport for an hour but was not allowed to land.

"You don't know who shut you down from landing?" Baier asked.

"I don't know who shut us down. But I think it was 100 percent directed from the State Department," Mullin replied.

He also accused the Biden administration of lying when they said that Americans who wanted to get out of Afghanistan could get out.

"We quickly realized that the president and the State Department, General Milley, General McKenzie, were lying to the American people by saying everybody that wanted to get out could get out," said Mullin.

"That is a lie, that is a bold-faced, one hundred percent lie, because we're working with these individuals," he added.

Mullin said that he had confirmed there were people still trying to get out of Afghanistan, including American citizens. He said that he had a list of fifty people that were in safe houses still waiting to be evacuated.

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