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Sean Spicer: ‘I Will Not Resign’ From Naval Academy; Suing Biden Admin For Kicking Him Off Board

Sean Spicer: ‘I Will Not Resign’ From Naval Academy; Suing Biden Admin For Kicking Him Off Board

 Sean Spicer visits "Extra" at Burbank Studios on November 12, 2019 in Burbank, California.Former Trump-era White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced Wednesday that he will not be resigning from the Naval Academy Board and will instead join a lawsuit against the Biden administration.

Spicer made the announcement during his Newsmax show, “Spicer & Company,” after he received an email from the Biden camp informing him he would be fired from the board, effective 6 p.m. Wednesday, if he does not resign immediately.“All Trump appointees, including myself, have been kicked off the boards of the United States Naval Academy Air Force Academy in West Point in an unprecedented move by the Biden administration,” Spicer announced on-air.

“I’m announcing tonight for the first time that I will not be submitting my resignation and I will be joining a lawsuit to fight this,” he added.

Earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested Spicer was not “qualified” to be on the board and does not “align” with Biden administration “values.”The Daily Wire on Wednesday reported on the unprecedented move by the administration:

The Joe Biden administration is purging the federal government’s constellation of advisory boards and commissions of Donald Trump appointees, even though such people are typically appointed to fixed terms and are not removed by new presidents.

Officials received a curt letter, one dated today, saying “Please submit your resignation to me by the close of business today. Should we not receive your resignation, your position with the Board will be terminated effective 6:00 pm tonight. Thank you.”

The removals range from highly credentialed experts at obscure entities where politics are unlikely to be an issue, such as the Arctic Research Commission, to military service academies.

In some cases, the Biden administration initially opted to refused to convene the commissions, including the National Board for Education Sciences — meaning the Biden administration chose to suspend a board dedicated to science in education during a year defined by schools’ attempt to grapple with how they should respond to the coronavirus, seemingly to ensure that no one tied to Trump would have a voice.


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