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Art dealer says the current prices being discussed for Hunter Biden's artwork will seem 'cheap' in a decade

 Hunter Biden's art dealer Georges Bergès is predicting that the prices currently being discussed for the pieces created by President Joe Biden's son will seem "cheap" a decade from now.

"Mark my words," Bergès said, according to Artnet News, "all the prices that people are saying he's worth right now, 10 years from now that's going to be a cheap Hunter Biden painting."

The outlet provided the following description of Biden's artistic creations: "The artworks pulsate with color, deep reds, ultramarine blues, and gold leaf. Most seem allegorical, steeped in mythology, symbolism, and personal history. Snakes twirl their bodies around totems. Dragons spit fire. Geometric forms float in space against densely patterned backgrounds. A solitary male figure is outlined here and there, at once part of and apart from this universe of symbols, shapes, and creatures."

The notion Hunter Biden earning top dollar from art sales while his father sits in the Oval Office has raised concerns that the sales could facilitate a pay-to-play scheme.

Bergès says that Biden is producing quality artwork.

"One of the things that I never anticipated was the political irrationality that people can have," Bergès said, according to Artnet. "There are the blind, predetermined judgements, not just of Hunter, but of myself. If people objectively look at his work, it's great work. And majority of people they come in and they're like, 'Wow, I didn't expect this!'"

"I want art to transcend politics, and because of who he is, it's been mired in politics," he said. "I wouldn't have gotten into this with him if I didn't think that he was a great artist. I put my whole reputation on the line as well."

The outlet reported that Bergès "wouldn't confirm sales, only saying that many works have been reserved and he's 'very satisfied with where we are at the moment.'"

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