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Insane video captures moment woman tries to kidnap baby in broad daylight — and then 2 Good Samaritans step in

."She come back and she again shouting, 'Hey, my baby, give me my baby,' so I said, 'No, don't touch baby,'" Ali continued.

He added that he believed the unnamed woman would soon begin hitting him if she wasn't stopped.

At that point, a second Good Samaritan rushed across the street to help Ali protect the child and two other women from the bizarre attempted kidnapping.

According to the station, the second Good Samaritan called 911 as the woman ran into the road.

Ali explained, "Traffic, people stopped traffic, but she saw everybody stopping and she jumped through the traffic too, it was crazy. I didn't know what she would do with baby."

The names of the victims remain unknown at the time of this reporting, but the local sheriff's office told KMAX that the child is safe at home with family.

Ali added, "We are human, you know, we have to save everyone, if you see something wrong, at least you have to try."

KCRA-TV reported that authorities arrested a woman named Dedra Gentry in connection with the incident.

Gentry now faces a felony charge of attempted kidnapping."I try my best running to the baby, and I protect the baby," Ali recalled of the harrowing incident. "And she was shouting, and she was saying, 'This is my baby!'"

The child, according to KMAX, was not the woman's baby, but that didn't stop her from continually trying to wrest the stroller away from its protectors.

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