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Video captures tearjerking moment military dad hides in trunk, surprises 8-year-old son after being in the Middle East for a year

 One Oklahoma mother captured heartwarming video footage of a father-son reunion that's making headlines across the internet.

What are the details?

Eight-year-old Phillip Frey had just gotten out of school and climbed into his mother's waiting vehicle when he realized that she was recording him.

His mother, Nicole Frey, responded by telling him that she had a surprise for him.

The child, equally intrigued and thrilled by the news, was barely able to sit still as he peered around and asked his mother to reveal the surprise.

Looking around the vehicle, he spotted his father — who had hidden in the family vehicle's trunk — sitting behind him and widely smiling.The boy cried, "Daddy!" and instantly vaulted over the back of the seat and into his waiting father's arms, where he almost immediately began sobbing.

Phillip's father, Joseph Frey — a 29-year-old chief air defense artillery warrant officer in the Army who spent a year in the Middle East — consoled the boy tightly hugged him to his chest.

According to the report from the Daily Mail, Nicole said, "I was very excited — it's been a hard year emotionally for our family, and I knew a lot of emotions would bubble out for all of us. Phillip is very emotional and wears his heart proudly on his sleeve and loves his dad so much, I was so happy for him."

You can watch the boy's tearjerking reaction in the video below.

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