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Knesset Education Committee Says Every Israeli Student Should Visit Temple Mount, Judaism’s Holiest Site

 The education committee of Israel’s Knesset said in a historic statement on Tuesday that every Israeli student should visit the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

The committee members rebuked the Israeli school system for poorly serving students by not teaching the national and religious significance of the Temple Mount to Israel and Judaism, according to the Jewish Press. The committee met last week to discuss the lack of education on the Temple Mount currently being required by Israel’s Ministry of Education.

“This is not a political issue and therefore support should be given to teaching about the importance of the Temple Mount among Israeli students,” Committee Chairwoman MK Sharren Haskel of the New Hope Party said.

MK Itamar Ben Gvir of Religious Zionism recommended to Education Minister Yifat Shaha-Biton that students should be taken to the Temple Mount as part of their education.

“My point of concern here is that the history and centrality of the Temple Mount to the Jewish religion is currently being ignored and swept under the carpet,” Ben Gvir said. “It is treated only as a Muslim holy site even though it is the most important and holy site in Judaism!”“Even when taught in schools, it’s taught in passing as something that once was, i.e. it is about the first or second temple,” he continued. “The Temple Mount is completely not mentioned in the lesson, as if it is not important. It is imperative that our students know that the Temple Mount wasn’t only sacred in the past but that it is sacred and relevant today as the place of our future!”

MK Nir Orbach of the Yamina Party said: “The Western Wall is less important than the Temple Mount. The discussion is very important. There is clear ignorance. The answers of the Ministry of Education indicate that there is a basis that exists, but it must expand.”

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism and the site of frequent violence as Hamas terrorists and violent Palestinian activists target Jews in the area. On Sunday, a terrorist killed one man and wounded several more in an attack near the Temple Mount. The terrorist, who was killed by Israeli security forces during the attack, was a member of Hamas, a terror group headquartered in the Gaza Strip.

Tom Nisani, executive director of Beyadenu, a group dedicated to educating Jews and expanding their access to the Temple Mount, released a statement following the attack.

“Firstly, we all pray for the well-being of those wounded,” Nisani said. “The attack this morning is another wake-up call for the police, security bodies and decision-makers — we will not give up our right to ascend the Temple Mount. Rather, it is incumbent on you to change your perspective and recognize that we are the solution and not the problem. Only sovereignty and full rights for the Jews on the Temple Mount will bring control, peace and quiet.”

“How many more attacks will it take for this to be understood?” he added.

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