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MSNBC guest shares anti-white 'real history' of Thanksgiving: 'Genocide and violence is still on the menu'

 Left-wing, race-baiting MSNBC host Tiffany Cross handed over the "essay" portion of a recent episode of her "Cross Connection" to a favorite guest so that he could share, as the show chyron blared, "the real history of Thanksgiving in America."

And likelynot a single woke viewer was disappointed as Gyasi Ross launched into an anti-white tirade attempting to shred the "mythology" of Thanksgiving and accuse the Pilgrims of bringing only "genocide and violence" and declaring that minorities "are still still waiting for white Americans to bring some value."

Ross wasted no time jumping into his racial attacks on whites and Thanksgiving, as well as attacking America overall.

"The mythology of Thanksgiving closely mirrors the mythology of America," he started. "That mythology is the image that white Americans love to see of themselves."

That mythological image of whiteness, in Ross' mind, is one of benevolent white settlers coming to a strange land "in good faith" and "bringing something of great value that enriches the people who are already here.

And the natives in the Thanksgiving story also offer "something of immense value" to the myth, Ross continued, "equal exchange."

That, according to the thinking of the woke brigade, "closely mimics the mythology of white America: It is how America wants to see itself."But Ross declared, as the left has repeatedly attempted to convince fellow Americans, the "truth of Thanksgiving" is way, way, way different.

After noting, accurately, that the "Pilgrims did not bring turkey, sweet potato pie, or cranberries to Thanksgiving. They could not. They were broke," (which, as most Americans understand, is precisely why they were offering thanks to God for His provision), Ross went on to explain what the Pilgrims actually brought to Thanksgiving.

"Instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits, those settlers brought genocide and violence," he said. "That genocide and violence is still on the menu as state-sponsored violence against native and black Americans is commonplace, and violent, private white supremacy is celebrated and subsidized."

Ross went on to list minorities who have been "murdered by those paid to protect us."

"White Americans are still killing native and black Americans with no fear of reprisal," he said.

Not only that, whites are still conducting "chattel slavery" of native and black people, according to Ross, "through the prison industrial complex that imprisons the descendants enslaved Africans and natives."

"That is the reality of Thanksgiving," he claimed.

Whites bring nothing to the table, in Ross' mind.

"Many of us are still waiting for white Americans to bring some value, still waiting for white America to match the mythology of Thanksgiving," Ross said, before going on to demand reparations for "stolen land" and "stolen labor," as well as for "stealing native children."

"Return the land," Ross demanded, adding, "Then, and only then, we can all be equally thankful."

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