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Company Prints 260,000 Square Feet Of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Wrapping Paper: ‘Cover Six NFL Football Fields’

 The conservative apparel and accessories company Bring Ammo is selling a whopping 3,000 pounds of “Let’s Go Brandon” themed wrapping paper ahead of Christmas.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has swept through sporting events, social media, and even into the workout groups of the fitness company Peloton before the phrase was apparently banned. “Let’s Go Brandon” took the place of the more vulgar saying “f*** Joe Biden” after a reporter mistook the anti-Biden chant for cries of support for a Nascar driver.

Bring Ammo capitalized on the de-vulgarized version of the anti-Biden chant, creating a wrapping paper plastered with the phrase. According to the company, the wrapping paper’s popularity has soared among the customers of BringAmmo.com as the accessories company has sold thousands of pounds of the product ahead of Christmas.

“What started as a fun idea for current customers, turned into a nationwide frenzy. Since launching, the wrapping paper has consumed 3000lbs of raw paper and kept a family-owned Georgia print facility busy around the clock,” the company said in a press release.

“We’ve never seen anything like this, thanks Joe!” Bring Ammo founder Seth Weathers said. “Since launching, we’ve printed over 260,000 sq.ft. of Let’s Go Brandon Wrapping Paper. That’s enough to completely cover six NFL football fields. That’s wild.”

“We’re having fun with the snowflakes and we’re putting money in our local community, that makes for a very Merry Conservative Christmas,” Weathers said.

Since the reporter’s unprompted error in a televised interview, “Let’s go Brandon” chants have popped up in sporting events across the United States and in numerous merchandise stores selling to people critical of President Joe Biden. Some companies have taken steps to crack down on the phrase, however. The golfing company Titleist has apparently banned the phrase from appearing on any of its personalized golf balls. As The Daily Wire reported:

Titleist goes woke. Apparently, golf balls are now political.

“So @Titleist has now banned the phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon!’ on their golf balls,” Caleb Hull wrote on Twitter.

The Daily Wire went onto the Titleist website, clicked on “personalize” in the golf ball section, then typed in, “LET’S GO BRANDON!”

Here’s the message we got at the top, in red: “Sorry, one or more of the words you have chosen cannot be used. Please see our Terms and Conditions to learn more about what we will imprint.”

The exercise company Peloton has taken a similar step, barring any hashtag on its platform that includes the phrase “LetsGoBrandon.”

“Hateful, offensive, or obscene speech is strictly forbidden on the Peloton Service. This includes any leaderboard names, locations, profile pictures, Tags or any other User Content that promotes, relates to, or condones lack of respect, discrimination, or violence of any kind against individuals or groups based on age, ethnicity/culture, race, nationality, immigration status, disability status, physical ability, gender or gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, body shape, socio-economic status, or political affiliation,” the company’s community guidelines and content policy says.

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