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Horowitz: The vaccines are working against Omicron …

Horowitz: The vaccines are working against Omicron …

 …in the exact opposite direction.

You have to hand it to the “vaccine” makers: This truly is a medical wonder. It’s not that the vaccine induces no interaction with the virus; it clearly does. According to a new survey from the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), among those who test positive for COVID, the double-vaccinated are more than twice as likely as the unvaccinated to test positive for Omicron specifically, while the triple-jabbed are more than four times as likely as the unvaccinated. Clearly, there is some medical miracle taking place.

On Tuesday, the ONS released an “Infection Survey” of 1,701 individuals who tested positive for COVID between Nov. 29 and Dec. 12, of whom 115 tested positive for the Omicron variant. The agency found a clear correlation between the number of shots and the likelihood of an Omicron-positive result. The odds ratio of testing positive for Omicron with two shots was 2.26; for the triple-vaxxed, it was 4.45.

Thus, by the standard set forth by the public health officials, countries and businesses should ban people from getting the shots. Again, if Omicron is reason to panic and take the totalitarianism to the next level, then the science clearly shows that at least to some degree, there’s a stronger correlation between Omicron cases and the vaccines.=

Data from Ontario, Canada, seems to harmonize with the findings from the U.K. as well.

As you can see, the number of cases among the vaccinated more than tripled last week, as opposed to the unvaccinated case total, which remained fairly stable.

In the U.S., according to Cornell University’s faculty, the outbreak that recently forced the school to switch to online learning is being driven exclusively by the vaccinated. "Virtually every case of the Omicron variant to date has been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had also received a booster shot," said Vice President for University Relations Joel Malina in a statement.

At present, numerous major cities — from Chicago and Los Angeles to Boston and New York — are engaging in the most egregious civil rights violations and are banning unvaccinated people based on a lie. At some point, the corrupt courts, even those who wrongly think the Jacobson case is controlling in this matter, need to look at the facts. This is not like the smallpox vaccine. It’s not a vaccine at all. It’s a dangerous gene therapy that, in the previous variants, applied some degree of therapeutic to some people while never stopping infection and transmission. With this variant, it downright causes more spread. If one believes a city or state can ban movement of people and make personal medical decisions based on choice of therapeutic, then the science would dictate they must ban vaccinated people during the Omicron outbreak.

I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually the cultists try to take credit for Omicron and suggest that the vaccines helped attract a mild version that offered people immunity on the cheap. However, South Africa, with its low vaccination rate, stands as a permanent control group against that theory. A new study shows that South Africans were 80% less likely to be hospitalized than during the Delta wave and 70% less likely to have severe illness than during the Delta wave.

Which raises the question: Why is the bio-medical cabal using the mildest variant as an excuse to further double down on vaccines? Why is Walter Reed announcing that the Army suddenly has a vaccine coming out of nowhere that will protect against all SARS-like illnesses? Laughably, its clinical trial is based on a paltry 29 participants who were all under age 55. Any thinking person should be asking: Why is there such an obsession behind vaccines coinciding with a vociferous effort to block cheap, safe, and effective therapeutics? Is the vaccine really a solution to a problem or a solution in pursuit of a problem?

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