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Blake Shelton sees 6-year-old boy in crowd holding a sign. Turns out kid needs heart transplant — and Shelton invites him on stage to sing 'God's Country

 Country music superstar Blake Shelton spotted a little boy in the audience Saturday night in Durant, Oklahoma, who was holding up a sign.

It read, "Your smallest biggest fan from Lake Texoma" — and added that he's 6 years old and is waiting for a heart transplant.

What happened next?

With that, Shelton invited Wyatt McKee on stage in front of the cheering crowd and read Wyatt's note. When the singer got to the heart transplant part, he paused for a moment and reminded the audience, "If you think y'all are havin' a bad day, put that in perspective right there, man!"

The was another note from Wyatt, too, Shelton told the crowd — a request that Shelton would sing the rousing anthem, "God's Country."

But that wasn't all.

Shelton kept Wyatt on stage, got down to the boy's height, put his microphone between them, and kicked in to the tune as Wyatt did the best he could to sing alon

What else?

TMZ reported that Wyatt's mother, Harley, said he was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, in which the left side of the heart does not grow. She noted to the outlet that Wyatt already has undergone two open heart surgeries.

Harley added to TMZ that Wyatt is indeed a big Shelton fan, and they brought the signs to the show hoping the singer would notice them and say hi.

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