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Freedom Protesters Defy Trudeau, Continue Blockade On Ambassador Bridge

 Canadian protesters defied a court deadline, remaining at the Ambassador Bridge Friday night and into Saturday morning in protest of COVID vaccination mandates within the nation.

“Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates remained at the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit to Windosr, Ottawa, Canada, early Saturday after both a 7 p.m. court and midnight deadline from Ottawa police where a state of emergency was declared,” Fox News reported. “The ‘Freedom Convoy’ has remained at the bridge for five days, causing shortages of auto parts that have forced General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda to close plants or cancel shifts.”“Do you think I care? Do you think I care about a fine?” one remaining protester reportedly said. “I’m going to pay a fine? No. You think I care about their mandates? No. This needs to end.”

Authorities moved into the area to breakup the blockade early Saturday morning, reports said.

“Dozens of police moved in” “to clear the demonstration,” according to Fox News. “Police, wearing yellow safety vests, moved into place around 8:45 a.m. local time, according to CBC News, directing protesters to clear the bridge. CBC reporters also noted that police brought several armored vehicles and that law enforcement had formed a blockade.”She is seeking $25 million in compensatory damages and $75 million in punitive damages from CNN.

CNN is also being sued by Flynn's other relatives for $75 million over the same claims made in the news report.

Part of CNN's claims involve the use of the phrase "Where we go one, we go all," which is used by members of QAnon to identify each other. The Flynns say that Michael Flynn's use of the phrase had nothing to do with the conspiracy group.

“According to some, the phrase ‘where we go one, we go all’ was first engraved on a bell on one of President John F. Kennedy’s sailboats, acknowledging the unity of mankind,” read a footnote in the family's lawsuit.

That lawsuit is ongoing.

"Enough is enough with CNN, and the lies about our family," said Leslie Flynn in a statement about their lawsuit. "We cannot sit by any longer and allow CNN to disparage our good name. This has got to stop."

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