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Ukrainian Woman’s Tearful Account Of Russian Invaders: Putin Only Understands The Language Of Power

 As Russian President Vladimir Putin launched Russia’s “special military operation” into Ukraine early Thursday morning local time, it became clear that it was a full-scale and invasion.

In turn, Ukrainians fled for make-shift subway bomb shelters to secure themselves away from any potential violence and bloodshed, especially in the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which is close to Russia’s border. Many interviews that have come out of Ukraine have been harrowing in recent days, but one woman in Kharkiv offered pointed insight into how many Ukrainians are possibly feeling toward Putin and his soldiers while offering keen advice for the global community.

The interview was flagged by NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck on Thursday, who noted that CNN’s Jim Sciutto pointed out that her tearful interview “punctures” the propaganda coming out of Moscow.

“I hope that Europe and USA, they will support us at their most because Putin is such a person who only understands the language of power,” the unnamed woman said with worry in broken English.

“I don’t believe that he will just talk or that it will be a quick war, because I don’t want anybody to die in my land,” she continued imploring for the West to put pressure on Putin to end his violence.

In response, Sciutto observed, “it punctures this idea propagated by the Russian president that somehow Ukraine was begging for peacekeepers from Russia. These are people here, they don’t want to be attacked.”

“Frankly, they’re confused as to why their country is being attacked, or why they’re hiding in subway stations now to protect their lives from Russian bombing,” Sciutto continued. “We’ve heard a lot of lives from the Russian president and his minions, in recent weeks, and that is one more lie — that Ukrainians wanted this.”

The segment can be seen here:

Since that interview aired, Russian forces have reportedly conducted attacks all-around and in the metro area of Kharkiv — Ukraine’s second largest city — as well other high-populated area, including the nation’s capital, Kyiv.

The Washington Post’s John Hudson noted that “Ukrainian forces desperately fought back against a Russian military onslaught Friday, firing U.S.-made missiles at aircraft and tanks as the Kremlin’s rockets, artillery and missiles rained down on population centers from Kharkiv to Mariupol to the capital of Kyiv.”

As a result, hundreds of Ukrainians have sought shelter in train stations, university basements, and other areas. Thousands more have fled the city in hope of getting out of the country safely. According to one member of European parliament, “Russia’s whole plan relies on panic — that the civilians and armed forces surrender and [that Ukrainian President  Volodymyr] Zelensky flees.”

“Russian forces reportedly They expect Kharkiv to surrender first so the other cities would follow suit to avoid bloodshed,” EU member Rhio Terras tweeted on Saturday. “The Russians are in shock of the fierce resistance they have encountered.”

Zelensky has not yet fled the country. There have been dozens of reports of heroism and patriotism across Ukraine as men and women of all ages have taken up arms against the Russian invaders. As of Saturday morning, Zelensky announced to the world that anyone “who wants to come over here and defend our country, please come, and we will give you arms.”

“Anybody defends will have been glorified,” he added, as The Daily Wire reported. At press time, it remains unclear how much longer Kharkiv can continue its defense.

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