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Woman rams a mom at a McDonald's drive-thru in alarming road rage incident caught on video

Woman rams a mom at a McDonald's drive-thru in alarming road rage incident caught on video

 Cellphone video caught a road rage incident in which a woman assaults a mother at a McDonald's drive-thru in front of her two young children.

The alarming incident unfolded at the fast food restaurant in Richmond, California, on Feb. 5.

The victim, who only wants to be identified by her first name, Amaro, said that a woman accused her of cutting her off at the drive-thru and went into an expletive-filled rage.

Amaro says her two boys, aged 3 and 5 years, were in a van with her when the woman rammed into their vehicle. Amaro caught the assault on her cellphone video.

"They were so scared," said Amaro to KPIX-TV. "I was terrified, for my children, for myself."

The video cut out after vehicle collision, but Amaro said the assault did not.

She said she got out of her van and stood in front of the woman's car to prevent her from driving away. Unfortunately, that did not stop her, according to Richmond Police.

"The suspect decides to accelerate, strikes our victim with the front bumper," said Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy.

"I was able to hold on to the hood of her car and she drove off with me out of the McDonald's," Amaro continued.

"Just before she got to 23rd Street the suspect hard-braked the vehicle which caused the victim to fall off the hood," Sgt. Pomeroy explained.

Amaro said that the woman jumped out of her car and punched her about six times in the face before driving away.

Police said they identified who the car belongs to but that the owner would not cooperate with the investigation.

They are searching for the woman who appeared to be wearing medical scrubs at the time of the alleged assault. They said there was an older man in the passenger seat in the car.

"We are investigating this as an assault with a deadly weapon because her vehicle was used specifically as a weapon to ram the other vehicle," Pomeroy concluded.

Amaro said that her children are traumatized by the incident, and that they have nightmares about it.

Here's a local news video about the road rage incident:

Road Rage Attack On Mother at Richmond McDonald's Drive-Thru Caught On Camera

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