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Washington Post Claims Republicans Treated Judge Jackson Worse Than Democrats Treated Kavanaugh

 The Washington Post Editorial Board, in a piece published Wednesday afternoon, argued that Republicans had treated Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson worse than Democrats treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings in 2018.

“Republicans boast they have not pulled a Kavanaugh. In fact, they’ve treated Ketanji Brown Jackson worse, the Editorial Board writes,” tweeted the outlet’s opinion section.

The article opens by claiming that the allegations against Kavanaugh — regarding everything from drunken fraternity games to gang rape — were “credible,” despite the fact that the woman who accused him directly could not recall when or where the supposed assault happened and none of the people she claimed were there could even confirm she had ever met Kavanaugh.

The Editorial Board then accuses Kavanaugh of behaving “intemperately” when he lashed out at the Democrats who he said were falsely accusing him of heinous crimes — and doing so in front of his wife and young daughters.

On the flip side, the Editorial Board argues that Republican questions addressing Judge Jackson’s record — which leans toward lighter-than-recommended sentences for those convicted in child pornography cases — are blatant attempts to “smear” her. In addition, the board suggests that Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asking Jackson to define the word “woman” is far more concerning than the fact that Jackson could not answer the question.

Critics roundly mocked The Washington Post over the claim, sharing their thoughts on Twitter.

“Democrats falsely accused Kavanaugh of being a raging alcoholic and serial gang rapist and the entire mainstream media apparatus ran with it, no questions asked,” Natalie Johnson pointed out.

“The Democrat media thinks liberal SCOTUS nominees should be rubber-stamped through confirmation, no questions asked, and all conservative nominees should be put through the wringer,” the Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross added.

Michael Knowles offered a slightly offbeat take, arguing that The Washington Post was right, although not for the reasons it cited. “It’s true. Ketanji Jackson’s judicial record is much worse than fables about Brett Kavanaugh’s high school shenanigans,” he said.

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