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Report Claims that the “Hacker” of FTX Is Now Multimillionaire in Ethereum Crypto

Report Claims that the “Hacker” of FTX Is Now Multimillionaire in Ethereum Crypto


What really can we trust of this story coming out on FTX from the Mainstream Media?

Most of America and the world first learned of the crypto laundromat known as FTX a few weeks ago.  This firm went bankrupt as we began uncovering the activities that went on within the company’s platform.

We learned that millions went to Democrats from FTX.  Could it be that it was in the billions? 

One piece of information that has yet to be confirmed is that there was a last minute hacker who stole from FTX as it went bankrupt.  According to recent posts in the media, this hacker ended up with a huge bucket of Ethereum tokens.

The notorious crypto hacker that raided FTX as the exchange was collapsing now has the 35th largest pile of ethereum tokens in the world.

The unidentified looter reportedly exchanged $49 million worth of stablecoins for ether on Tuesday, significantly adding to their holdings of the second-largest crypto by market capitalization, according to a report from Bloomberg. The hacker’s haul of ether now amounts to roughly 228,525 tokens worth $288 million.

The move comes as Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy last Friday, leaving many wallet holders wondering if they would be able to recover funds still trapped on the marketplace.

So far, roughly $663 million in crypto tokens have left FTX, with an estimated $477 million of the total liquidation possibly being stolen. The remainder of the withdrawals have been moved into secure storage housed by FTX, Bloomberg said.

It appears that the hacker is having a difficult time getting rid of ether.  This is a mess.  It may be that FTX had back doors to get these tokens out.  Maybe it was insiders?

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