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Sara Haines Says Joy Behar’s Daughter ‘Doesn’t Watch This Crap’ In Reference To Their Own Show

 “The View” co-host Sara Haines said Friday that the daughter of her colleague, Joy Behar, does not watch their “crap” program.

The panel discussed the spat between socialite Kathy Hilton and her daughter, Paris, that began when Kathy publicly suggested that Paris was struggling with fertility issues, a claim Paris later disputed. Behar said her daughter does not even allow Behar to discuss her on the show.

“I was told early on by my daughter, ‘Leave me out of your stand-up act, don’t talk about me on “The View” unless it’s super, super complimentary,'” Behar said.

“And here we are,” Haines said. “Say hi, look into the camera.”

“She doesn’t watch,” Behar said. “You think she watches?”

“She doesn’t watch this crap,” Haines said jokingly.

Behar quickly clarified that her daughter is too busy focusing on her art career to watch the program. 

Regarding the Hiltons, co-host Ana Navarro said Kathy was out of line, arguing that only the woman experiencing fertility issues has the right to speak about them.

Kathy Hilton said in an interview with E! News that her daughter needs to “relax” since many women struggle with becoming pregnant. Her daughter said her mother’s comments are not accurate.

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