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Where Did Biden’s Billions Sent to Ukraine End Up?

Where Did Biden’s Billions Sent to Ukraine End Up?


Where did the billions go?  Biden sent billions to Ukraine but where did it end up?

Russia was not happy with Ukraine threatening to join NATA.  For this and other reasons, Russia invaded Ukraine.   Russia has a large army that virtually surrounded Ukraine before it invaded the smaller country.

Russia invaded Ukraine and ever since the US began sending money overseas.  The war effort has not gone well for the Ukrainians as the superior Russian army has taken over large sections of Ukraine’s territory. 

From the start, Biden has pushed for money for Ukraine.  This comes after the Biden family made millions in Ukraine during the Obama years.  Millions of dollars when to Hunter Biden after he was placed on the board of an oil and gas company that he knew nothing about.

When an investigation started looking into his son Hunter, Joe Biden threatened not to give the small county a billion dollars if they didn’t end the investigation.

Since the war started, the US has sent more than $5o billion to Ukraine.  Where has the money gone?  We really don’t have any idea.

But we did get a clue recently with the fall of FTX.   We learned that Ukraine was “investing” in FTX with money the US sent to Ukraine. 

The big question now is how much money did US politicians send to Ukraine that made it back to their corrupt big pockets – billions, tens of billions?

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