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‘Absolutely Shocking’: Fox News Contributor Reacts To ‘Coordinated Effort’ By Former Twitter Execs

 A Fox News contributor called the released Twitter documents revealing the social media site’s censorship of a report on Hunter Biden’s laptop “absolutely shocking” Friday.

“It’s absolutely stunning. It’s absolutely shocking to – with what has come out so far with Matt Taibbi’s tweets showing just how much – just what a concerted effort it was behind the scenes in order to help one party over another party,” Charlie Hurt, the opinion editor at the Washington Times, told host Jesse Watters. “And it underscores the extraordinary danger of the kind of power that these people have and they have no reservation whatsoever about using it.” 


Rolling Stone contributing editor Matt Taibbi released details about the censorship of an Oct. 14, 2020 report on a laptop Hunter Biden left at a repair store Friday on his Twitter account. The laptop reportedly contained numerous emails and documents detailing the elder Biden’s involvement with his son’s business partners.

Social media companies censored the New York Post’s reports on the laptop, claiming the materials were hacked. The laptop was later confirmed as authentic by the Washington Post and New York Times.

“Let’s step back what we saw with the censoring of that ‘New York Post’ story was an effort by Twitter, companies to trick voters into voting for Joe Biden by suppressing this story,” Hurt said. “And it is absolutely shocking and they literally put this sequestered this story as if it were child pornography. That’s the way they treat it. That’s how desperately they wanted to help Joe Biden get elected.”

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