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FTX’s “SBF” Tells All Sorts of Stories About His Actions – Plays The “I Didn’t Know” Excuse

FTX’s “SBF” Tells All Sorts of Stories About His Actions – Plays The “I Didn’t Know” Excuse


Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) couldn’t tell the truth if he wanted.  His claims now appear dishonest at best but what do you expect from someone who stole $4 billion from his own company?

Zerohedge shared this morning on a recent interview with SBF.

Bankman-Fried started the interview by saying he’s deeply sorry about what happened.

“I didn’t ever try to commit fraud on anyone,” Bankman-Fried (SBF) said. 

He claims he was shocked by what happened this month.

“I have limited access to data,” Bankman-Fried said about his attempt to reconstruct what happened over the past month.

Which makes us wonder – if he didn’t have the data, who did?

When pressed by Sorkin, Bankman-Fried said “I didn’t knowingly commingle funds”.

Which we note is not a denial, and as NYT notes, on the commingling of funds, there appears to be ample evidence suggests that Alameda and FTX shared an account at their U.S. banking partner Silvergate. 

Here is the interview:

Later in the day Zerohedge shared another interview with SBF.  Reminder, this guy cannot be trusted.  At the very least he swindled millions of users of his platform.

We also know that SBF accepted donations for Ukraine.  Also, Ukraine reported that they sent money from the US to FTX to invest in crypto currencies.  We also know that SBF and the top individuals at FTX gave $70 million to the Democrats.  These people were some of the top donors to the Democrats in the 2022 election.

SBF now claims that he also gave money to the GOP but this was dark money so there is no way to confirm and he makes claims about Ukraine too.

SBF shared the following per Zerohedge:

Speaking about his political activities, SBF said, “I donated about the same to both parties. […] All of my Republican donations were dark.” He addressed rumors about money laundering of Ukrainian donations:

“The Ukraine one? I wish I could have pulled that off. I wish. I didn’t fully understand the goal of it. I was helping Ukraine launder funds for the Democratic Party? I don’t know why Ukraine is laundering funds for the Democratic Party. I don’t know how they would or why they would.”

I call BS.  This doesn’t sound too convincing.

Now we know that Biden can’t account for $20 billion in money to Ukraine.

Here is the second interview on Zerohedge today:

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