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Nearly Half Of Americans Say Biden Should Support China’s Protesters, Condemn CCP’s ‘Authoritarian Regime’: POLL

 Nearly half of American voters want President Joe Biden to take a stronger stance in supporting citizen-led protests against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to a new poll.

Of 1,085 respondents, 49.5% believe Biden should be more vocal about his support of protesters fighting against the CCP, while 19.8% said he should not, and 30.7% said they were unsure, according to the Trafalgar Group/ Convention of States Action poll. Recently, the CCP’s General Secretary, Xi Jinping, launched a draconian “Zero-Covid” lockdown policy, resulting in weeks-long isolation periods that reportedly saw people throwing themselves from buildings, sparking protests across the country. 

“At a historic moment, when the Chinese people are pushing back against an authoritarian communist regime, the American people want to see strong leadership from the Biden administration, but instead they are getting tepid statements and political obfuscation,” President of the Convention of States Mark Meckler said.

Across party lines, 70.8% or Republicans, 53.2% of independents and 23.6% of Democrats agree that Biden should be more vocal in his support for protestors, according to the poll. More than half of Democratic respondents, 50.2%, were unsure of what Biden should do.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s evil and appalling record of human rights abuses should make this an easy issue—the fact that Biden and his administration are struggling with how to respond is a demonstration on how far their party has fallen. The fact that half of Democrats are simply unsure, is likely because they are viewing this through a partisan lens, and due to the President’s lack of clarity, they are unsure of the correct Democrat talking point to repeat,” Meckler continued.

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