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‘We’re Led by Idiots’ – Farage Slams Green Agenda as Reserve Coal Power Stations Fired Up

‘We’re Led by Idiots’ – Farage Slams Green Agenda as Reserve Coal Power Stations Fired Up

 Brexit champion Nigel Farage has slammed green-obsessed “idiots” running the country as the National Grid warms up two coal-fired reserve power plants in case of shortages.

“So it’s a cold morning, there’s snow across much of the country,” began the Reform UK (Brexit Party) honourary president in a short video posted to social media.

“And guess what? The much-vaunted renewables, yes, those wind farms that are everywhere, and those solar panels, right now they’re producing three per cent of our electricity,” he claimed, citing a figure that has also been repeated by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for International Trade, Andrew Bowie MP, with respect to wind particularly.

“So to keep the lights on we’re importing electricity from Europe. Isn’t that genius?” he continued — possibly not entirely sincerely.

“What if this cold spell goes on? What if Europe can’t export us any electricity, any energy?” Farage asked.

“Do you know what will happen? The lights will go out! So the government now are firing up, getting ready to put back in use, two coal-fired power stations,” he said, referencing an announcement by National Grid ESO that they are warming up two reserve power plants they can use in the event of shortages.

“Most of the others have literally been destroyed by dynamite,” he went on, referencing the extensive demolition of mothballed coal plants across the United Kingdom under successive Conservative (Tory) Party prime ministers obsessed with a net zero green agenda of little interest to their core supporters, and of little consequence to global carbon emissions at a time when Communist China has been commissioning new coal plants by the hundreds.

Nevertheless, Farage said, “it may be coal that saves us over the next couple of weeks.”

“I’ve told you before, when they say ‘we’ve gotta be the Saudi Arabia of wind’, we’re led by idiots,” he concluded.

“Do you believe me?”

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